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Translation & Language Services

QIC helps its clients meet the demands of today's global marketplace by overcoming communication barriers with accurate translations and interpretations. Our staff includes professional translators and linguists who can translate or interpret anything from company policies and procedures to validation packages and training materials, while maintaining the integrity, 

for no additional cost. 

We offer service excellence through quick turnaround time and total lifecycle support.  Our trained professionals have the knowledge and experience to help you prepare for various inspections and audits, in a timely efficient manner. We also conduct mock-audits and offer free follow-ups in order to ensure sustainability.

QIC offers dynamic, cost-effective and practical learning experience with instructor-led training, both in the classroom or remotely via the Internet. Our training programs provide real-world examples, situations, case studies, and hands-on experience, thereby ensuring that our clients have in-house specialists and are self-sufficient by the end of our contract. Additionally, we support our clients in recruiting industry experts and training them to site specific needs.

​​We combine our strategic consulting experience in regulatory compliance and validation, with our instructional design and training development capabilities to bring you the right resources who can address your compliance challenges, support validation lifecycle activities, distribute information to the people who need it, and sustain the gains you've achieved. Based on your unique needs, we build customized Solutions and a Knowledge Base of training and documentation for sustained compliance.

QIC is the clear choice for cost-effective, efficient, and seamless data integrity assessment and remediation. Our Data Integrity Experts are uniquely qualified to evaluate, design, and implement the right solution for your needs. Our robust framework for identifying and addressing data integrity concerns, ensures implementation of feasible system validation lifecycle strategy, which in turn improves product quality and patient safety.

Compliance & Validation Services

What makes Quality In Core unique?

Our approach to helping our customers is different. We listen, we learn, and help clients transform their quality operations and culture to and beyond their expectations. Our customizable solutions ensure sustainable compliance, while achieving business goals related to cost and profitability. Join us now and be a part of this transformation!

Your FULL Quality System Support Team 

Audit &  Assurance

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We strive to provide our clients with top notch support to make their experience wonderful.